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Exclusive broadband deals for students

2024 offers now live

These broadband deals are exclusively for students with an email address. Choose from a 12-month or 30-day contract and enjoy average download speeds of up to a whopping 1130mbps. It’s student broadband that stays fast for the whole home.

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If you'd like to more information on our student offers register below and one of our specialist student team will be in touch to answer any questions.  You'll also be entered in to a bi-weekly prize draw to win £250 EasyJet vouchers.  

Exclusive student offers - up to £75 bill credit

Our 12 month and 30 day rolling student contracts are now live. If you have a email you qualify for our exclusive student bill credit. This is only available through our student deal page. We have fantastic coverage across the majority of student areas. Click the button below to check your postcode and see all the current student offers.

Why Virgin Media?

With up to 1Gb we are the only the only option when it comes to student houses. Our network is 99.89% reliable and our mighty WiFi Hub is also powered with Intelligent WiFi technology, to help keep your connections fast and smooth. Ideal for student houses. 

Superfast student broadband plus up to £75 bill credit - student only deal

What should I look for when looking for the best student broadband?

You'll need to know what you're looking for in terms of cost, contract length and, of course, student broadband speeds. We realise there's quite a few things to think about so if you do have any questions please register below and one of our friendly student team will be in touch to give you all the best options for you and your housemates. Alternatively you can call us on 0113 887 9988.

What's the monthly cost?

When budgeting for student WiFi, consider the cost per person, not just the total monthly price and you may find that faster broadband deals are more affordable than you think.

12 month contracts

  • M125 - £26.99 (£20 bill credit)
  • M250 - £31.99 (£25 bill credit)
  •  M350 - £36.99 (£35 bill credit)
  • M500 - £41.99 (£50 bill credit)
  • Gig1 - £46.99 (£75 bill credit)

30 day rolling contract

  • M250 - £39 (£25 bill credit)
  • M350 - £44 (£35 bill credit)
  • M500 - £49 (£50 bill credit)
  • Gig1 - £54 (£75 bill credit)


Contract length

12 month student broadband deals - ideal if you're staying in uni accommodation mid-June to September.

30-day student WiFi deals - Easy to cancel and avoid student broadband bills while you're home from uni over summer

Student broadband speeds

What we recommend in terms of speed is based on two things: number of housemates and how you use your internet.


M125 1-2 housemates

M250 2-3 housemates

M350 3-5 housemates

M500 5-7 housemates

Gig1 7+ housemates

If any of your household are gamers or stream heavily we would recommend going up one from there recommended housemate speed.


How do I get the bill credit?

You only qualify for the student bill credit via signing up on this page or calling 0113 887 99 88. If you sign up elsewhere you will not get the credit and you will be unable to add this at a later time.

The bill credit is automatically added to your account and will come off your bill.

Do I need to be a student to get the student offer?

In order to get the student offer you will need a valid university email address.

Is Virgin Media Student Broadband unlimited?

Sure is! All our deals come with unlimited broadband, including student WiFi deals, next available from summer 2024. And with no broadband data allowance to worry about, you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important, like learning, streaming, and connecting with loved ones online.