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Exclusive broadband deals for students - Up to £75 bill credit

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These broadband deals are exclusively for students with an email address. Choose from a 12-month or 30-day contract and enjoy average download speeds of up to a whopping 1130mbps. It’s student broadband that stays fast for the whole home. You can only get the bill credit through ours student team.

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Reserve your £75 student discount 

Register for a call back and reserve your student discount by clicking the button below and entering your details. Ready to buy or want to browse our student deals? Click  'see student deals' below to see our 12 month and 30 day rolling prices. Our student discount ends on 31st August 2024.

Exclusive £75 student discount 

You can get up to £75 off your student wifi by sign up through our student team. Our 12 month and 30 day rolling student contracts are now live. We have fantastic coverage across the majority of student areas. Click the button below to check your postcode and see all the current student offers. You can also see the student prices in 'What's the monthly cost?' section below.

Why Virgin Media?

With up to 1Gb we are the only the only option when it comes to student houses. Our network is 99.89% reliable and our mighty WiFi Hub is also powered with Intelligent WiFi technology, to help keep your connections fast and smooth. Ideal for student houses. Here are the 12 month prices and credits:

M125 - £26.99 p/m (£20 bill credit)
M250 - £31.99 p/m (£25 bill credit)
M350 - £36.99 p/m (£35 bill credit)
M500 - £41.99  p/m (£50 bill credit)
Gig1 - £46.99 p/m (£75 bill credit)

Up to £75 off Superfast student broadband

What should I look for when looking for the best student broadband?

You'll need to know what you're looking for in terms of cost, contract length and, of course, student broadband speeds. We realise there's quite a few things to think about so if you do have any questions please register below and one of our friendly student team will be in touch to give you all the best options for you and your housemates. Alternatively you can call us on 0113 887 9988.

What's the monthly cost?

When budgeting for student WiFi, consider the cost per person, not just the total monthly price and you may find that faster broadband deals are more affordable than you think. 

12 month contracts

  • M125 - £26.99 p/m (£20 bill credit)
  • M250 - £31.99 p/m (£25 bill credit)
  •  M350 - £36.99 p/m (£35 bill credit)
  • M500 - £41.99  p/m(£50 bill credit)
  • Gig1 - £46.99 p/m (£75 bill credit)

30 day rolling contract

  • M250 - £39 p/m (£25 bill credit)
  • M350 - £44  p/m (£35 bill credit)
  • M500 - £49 p/m (£50 bill credit)
  • Gig1 - £54 p/m (£75 bill credit)


Contract length

12 month student broadband deals - ideal if you're staying in uni accommodation mid-June to September.

30-day student WiFi deals - Easy to cancel and avoid student broadband bills while you're home from uni over summer

Student broadband speeds

What we recommend in terms of speed is based on two things: number of housemates and how you use your internet.


M125 1-2 housemates

M250 2-3 housemates

M350 3-5 housemates

M500 5-7 housemates

Gig1 7+ housemates

If any of your household are gamers or stream heavily we would recommend going up one from there recommended housemate speed.


How do I get the bill credit?

You only qualify for the student bill credit via signing up on this page or calling 0113 887 99 88. The bill credit goes live on 17th June. If you don't need wifi before then please hold off booking and come back on the 17th June. If you sign up before the 17th June you will not receive any bill credit.

The bill credit is automatically added to your account and will come off your bill.

Is Virgin Media Student Broadband unlimited?

Sure is! All our deals come with unlimited broadband, including student WiFi deals, next available from summer 2024. And with no broadband data allowance to worry about, you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important, like learning, streaming, and connecting with loved ones online.

What is student broadband?

Student broadband deals (sometimes called student WiFi) are superfast and reliable. You
get to power your uni accommodation with unlimited
fibre broadband and enjoy benefits,
at no extra cost, such as access to Priority.

The 12-month options keep you connected for the full academic year and summer. Or
there’s rolling 30-day broadband deals for students which you can choose to end whenever
you like, no early cancellation fee.

What student broadband deals do you have?

Student broadband deals are only around until October 2024, so don’t miss out! Our best student broadband deals for:

Monthly cost

M125 Fibre Broadband is currently our most affordable student broadband deal and best on
price. But whatever speed you need, see if you can get it cheaper on the longer contract -
our 12-month student broadband deals will usually have a lower monthly cost than the 30-
day options.


Gig1 student broadband deals are our fastest and best for speed, averaging uploads of
104Mbps and downloads of 1,130Mbps. The more housemates you split the cost with, the more affordable our faster speeds
will feel, so you’d be surprised how fast you can really go within your personal budget.


Rolling 30-day deals could be our best student broadband deals for temporary housing.
These are easy for you to end at any time with no cancellation fees, you simply keep it
rolling for as long as you need, even just for part of a semester. Our longer, 12-month
student broadband deals are also much more flexible than the standard 18-month options.


Our 99.89% reliable network powers all our student broadband deals, providing superfast
connections that you can rely on. For extra peace of mind, you can also add the WiFi
guarantee with WiFi Max to any of our student broadband deals and get promised speeds in
every room, or bill credit back.

Do I have to be a student to get flexible contract broadband?

Our student broadband deals are only available to you if you have a university ‘’ email address. But, don’t fret! Rolling contract broadband is a different option that’s open to all, not just students. These are flexible, 30-day deals that give you the freedom to cancel with just 30 days’ notice and you won’t pay an early disconnection fee.

How far in advance should I buy student broadband?

Our exclusive student discount (up to £75 bill credit) expires on 31st August so make sure you buy before then.

You can buy now and choose an installation date of your choice, up to 3 months in advance. Therefore we recommend buying your wifi as soon as you can to make sure you secure our student discount and get your preferred installation date. September is a very busy time with most students moving back during this period. By buying in advance it gives you a better chance to get the installation date you want so it can be up and running for when you move in.